Economic community impact

We want to be good citizens in all our communities.

Ahlstrom plants are often located in remote rural areas, where we are major employers and tax payers. Our operations thus play a major role in their local communities. From the beginning of our history, Ahlstrom has always sought to be a good citizen.

Today, every plant is encouraged to invest in their communities and support local causes. We have a policy that each facility should invest a sum equal to €15 per employee to support causes of their choice, with a particular emphasis on healthcare, clean water, education, environmental causes, or the provision of food. Some plants are very active in this area, others less so.

We have many great examples of the community support

In Chirnside, Scotland students visit the plant to understand how the production process and business works. The partnership between the Berwickshire High School and the Ahlstrom plant is part of the Scottish Governments’s education department ‘Curriculum for Excellence’.

In the United States, we supported a great variety of causes: children’s activities, senior citizens’ organizations, emergency agencies, medical facilities, specific medical conditions, environmental protection, team sports and so on.

In Osnabrück, Germany, a paper machine No. 6 employee John McGurk is organizing benefit runs for children ( since 24 years. The plant is contributing with a donation every year. At the end of 2012 John got the honorary citizenship of Osnabrück.

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