Ahlstrom IVD Filtration

Ahlstrom IVD Filtration

At Ahlstrom our experience and ability means we know the possibilities for high performance materials better than anyone. Hence the distinct advantages of our materials for in vitro diagnostic devices.  

Ahlstrom offers a wide range of high quality absorbent filtration media for the manufacture of IVD devices. 

Designed for use in flowthrough and lateral flow assays, as well as dipstick devices, they are produced under closely monitored and tightly controlled conditions, guaranteeing the highest level of purity, consistency and quality.

  • High purity media with no contaminate leaching
  • Lot-to-lot uniformity for consistency of reproducibility in device formats
  • Various media compositions – natural fibers, glass, synthetics and combinations
  • Customized cutting and packaging options



Our series of high value IVD component materials are desinged for most immunochromatographic assays and body fluid collection.

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