Ahlstrom Cytosep®

Ahlstrom Cytosep®

At Ahlstrom we help to advance the life sciences sector with innovations such as Ahlstrom CytoSep®. This single layer of high purity natural and synthetic fibers contains no chemical interfering substances and no significant binding of plasma components.

Ahlstrom CytoSep® retains red blood cells while allowing serum to flow rapidly.

  • Ahlstrom CytoSep® provides consistent and rapid lateral separation of whole blood
  • Proprietary fiber blend to minimize celllysis
  • 3 thickness variations to match sample size
  • Customized sheet, roll and specialty die cut sizes

Ahlstrom CytoSep® is widely used for the rapid separation of plasma for small volume blood samples in lateral flow

The newest generation of CytoSep® HV products increase options for product development.

Contact us to learn more: www.filtration@ahlstrom.com

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