Ahlstrom Microfiltration: membranes and syringe filters

Ahlstrom Microfiltration: membranes and syringe filters

Ahlstrom offers two premium brands in laboratory microfiltration with a wide variety of polymers and pore sizes. Ahlstrom ReliaPrep™ Syringe Filters and Ahlstrom ReliaDisc™ Membrane Filters.

Ahlstrom ReliaPrep™- Syringe Filters

Ahlstrom offers a wide variety of syringe filters with several different membranes and sizes to accommodate a variety of sample matrices for demanding sample preparation and microfiltration applications such as:

  • Sample clarification/particulate removal
  • Filtration of solvents used for chromatography applications
  • Filtration of biological samples, tissue cultures, proteins and nucleic acids
  • Sterile filtration and venting

Several hydrophilic and hydrophobic membranes are available: Cellulose Acetate, Regenerated Cellulose, Nylon (Polyamide), PES, PTFE, Glass Fiber, Cellulose Acetate & Glass Prefilter.

         Ahlstrom ReliaPrep      Ahlstrom ReliaPrep


Ahlstrom ReliaDisc™-Membrane Filters

Ahlstrom offers membrane filters with a wide variety of polymers, pore sizes and diameters for diverse applications including:

  • Particle retention and collection
  • Sterile filtration of solutions
  • Microbiological applications for cell growth and colony counting
  • Particulate analysis
  • Air monitoring applications
  • Microbiological analysis of potable and waste waters

Typical membranes included are: Cellulose Acetate, PTFE, Regenerated Cellulose, Nylon (Polyamide).

Ahlstrom supplies Non-Sterile bulk packed and Sterile individually packed specifically designed for routine microbiological quality control.

          Ahlstrom ReliaDisc

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