Ahlstrom MasterTape™ Smartline

Ahlstrom MasterTape™ Smartline

Extremely smooth and thin tape for sharp details on delicate or curved surfaces.

Ahlstrom Mastertape™ Smartline

Ahlstrom Mastertape™ Smartline is a fine creped grade offering high conformability. Its unique creping pattern, Mastertape™ Smartline is smoother and thinner without losing tensile or elongation for a perfect finish sharp. It allows detailed painting lines on delicate surfaces and performs well in making curves.


  • Delicate surfaces
  • Curves
  • Painting of sharp details

Key Benefits

  • Extremely smooth and thin
  • Good handling
  • High conformability
  • Smoother and thinner without losing tensile
  • Up to 14% elongation

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