Ahlstrom Captimax™

Ahlstrom Captimax™

Ahlstrom Captimax™ is a new, novel synthetic solution for fuel applications. It offers better results in smaller size.


Ahlstrom Captimax™ can be used by filter producer looking for a high efficiency filter at normal service intervals without using microfiberglass.  This high synthetic solution captures small micron particles in fuels without using glass.  

One Media, all the Benefits

  • High Efficiency
  • High Capacity
  • Freedom of Design
  • Glass Free
  • Sustainability

Sustainability Credentials

  • Increase of filtration efficiency leading to less fuel consumption
  • Higher dust holding capacity leading to longer service intervals
  • Smaller filter footprint allowing smaller system designs and less raw materials consumption
  • Lower energy consumption at customer and Ahlstrom thanks to the fast curing chemistry

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