Ahlstrom DuraLube™ 3S

Ahlstrom DuraLube™ 3S

Ahlstrom DuraLube™ 3S gives the strength required to deal with the new advances in automotive technology without the need of additional supports, saving you time and money. Ahlstrom DuraLube™ 3S stands for synthetic, self-support solution. 

Ahlstrom DuraLube™ 3S key Benefits: 

  • Grooving to provide self-support - traditional support grid can be removed from the manufacturing process 
  • Fewer components means lower total cost of manufacturing
  • Stronger at higher temperatures
  • Longer service intervals
  • Designed to work under the most challenging conditions
  • Saturated with high performance resin
  • Compatible with existing pleating processes


A fully synthetic filter media which is able to hold its structure in hote temperatures without any support layer.


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