Automotive Interiors and Reinforcements

Automotive Interiors and Reinforcements

Ahlstrom has a complete line of nonwovens backings, reinforcements and composite materials to meet a wide range of cost and performance criteria for automotive interior materials.


Our applications for automotive backings and reinforcements include carpet underlay, door panels, headliners, package trays, truck liners and trims, as well as under-the-hood materials.


We use various wetlaid nonwovens technologies and combinations of cellulose and polyester fibers to meet your specific application. Our composite materials and various laminate options help you simplify your process, reduce inventory and consolidate suppliers.


Our composite materials are used in low-pressure molding and various thermoforming processes to produce interior trim components. The engineered fabrics provide high-elongation performance in deep draw molds, and offer superior barrier properties and thermal protection for foam backed body cloth or cover stock. Our range of products offers everything from lightweight liners used under headliner face fabric to heavy-duty barrier materials.



  • Automotive backings: Improved molding, good mold release, stretch and strength and superior adhesion qualities
  • Automotive reinforcements: Uniform strength throughout your component, reduced scrap due to the consistent fiber distribution.
  • Automotive in-mold barriers and liners: High elongation performance, superior barrier properties and thermal protection.



  • Wetlaid technology, spunbond technology, needlepunch & spunlace composites technology

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