Life science

Life science

Ahlstrom provides unique customized solutions for Life Science customers that go far beyond typical laboratory products. Our expertise lies in our wet-laid technology platform and our unique treatment chemistries and coatings.    

Our Cytosep® product line is an industry standard for blood separation.   We provide sample pads, conjugate pads, and absorption pads for lateral flow. In the case of conjugate pads we provide Ahlstrom treated solutions that have been shown to have superior release of conjugate gold.  In other areas, we apply customer specified coatings, saving customers the expense of hand application or third party application.    

For many customers we, maintain their reactants and apply them to our papers as part of the quality process.  In this manner, customers are assured of no false positives. 

Life Science customers often require high purity.  Ahlstrom uses the purest raw materials and water sources to guarantee low endotoxin levels  and products that  pass class six testing. 

Do you need a reactive web?  Ahlstrom can provide it.  Have bioprocessing or sample preparation needs?  We have the solution. We also offer materials for specimen collection for neonatal screening, forensic applications or DNA/RNA testing.

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