Water filtration

Water filtration

Ahlstrom Disruptor®

We have been researching an approach to water filtration, different to conventional membrane filtration of water. Disruptor® is a unique and patented nanoalumina/microglass electroadsorptive media for water filtration applications.


  • Easily converted with standard cartridge manufacturing equipment
  • Additives include Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and silver antimicrobial
  • Wet laid, non-woven depth filter media (~1 mm thick)
  • Removes submicron particles through electroadsorption not captured by conventional mechanical filters
  • Removes organic/macromolecules (EPS/ TEP)
  • Removes biofouling precursors : organic acids, proteins , polysaccharides
  • Removes virus and bacteria
  • Used as pleated filter cartridges. Initial  pressure drop < 0.1 bar


  • Patented technology provides submicron filtration efficiency at high flow rate and low pressure drop.
  • Technology is based on electroadsorption not mechanical filtration.
  • This allows use of a nonwoven media that provides the filtration quality of membranes.
  • Provides the platform for new filter devices that are smaller, less expensive and deliver high efficiency.
  • Electroadsorptive filtration mechanism efficiently removes wide range of organic and inorganic materials: Virus, colloids, cell debris, some chemical compounds. Technology is applicable to fresh, brackish and sea water.
  • Can be used in all water markets: Personal, residential, commercial, industrial, waste water, municipal and desalination.

Sustainability Credentials

  • Many opportunities for reduced energy consumption. Either as stand-alone filter or to protect membranes from fouling to allow high performance at low pressure drop (low energy use).
  • Purification of water for drinking,  agriculture, waste treatment improves water safety for humans and the environment
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