Surgical apparel

Surgical apparel

Protection with Extra Comfort


We offer a unique combination of  synthetic polymer and wet-laid technologies  for surgical drape and gown and medical packaging applications. Tenderguard™ is a next generation of our  spunbond-meltblown-spunbond composite technology platform for medical applications.


Ahlstrom TenderGuardTM  for SMS Soft now completes our advanced medical fabrics portfolio. This versatile technology can be used for almost any medical application including surgical drapes, gowns and sterile barrier systems. It is a cost-effective solution as an isolation gowns; to the most protective and comfortable gown for soft SMS Ahlstrom TenderGuardTM materials; to our Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem offering used as wrapping materials for Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS).


  • Super soft and drapeable fabric
  • Protection against blood and low surface tension liquids
  • Excellent combination of protection, comfort and economics
  • Lower infection risk due to cleanliness (virtually no lint)
  • No clinging to scrubs or drapes due to antistatic treatment
  • In compliance with AAMI PB70 and EN 13795 standards

Sustainability credentials

  • First to market with C6 fluorochemical surface treatment
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