Our development approach

Our development approach

Ahlstrom’s success depends on our capability to grow through technology driven differentiation and bringing to market our pipeline of exciting new products.

Our core purpose is a high performance fiber-based materials company partnering with leading businesses around the world to help them stay ahead. Our passion to test new ideas for our customers combined with our unique knowledge of fibers and chemistry has allowed us to develop a healthy pipeline of new products for Building & Energy, Food & Medical, Engine Industrial Filtration and Advanced Filtration including Life Sciences.

Our Synergy Customer Ideation Centers demonstrates our passion for new ideas and new products developed in collaboration with our suppliers and customers.”Synergy will allow us to develop ground breaking new products and allow our customers to experience the passion for new ideas and new products that we have at Ahlstrom.“

We are implementing Outcome Driven Innovation® as one of Ahlstrom’s key processes, to clearly understand market requirements, using a “jobs-to-be-done” focus. By focusing on the job that our customers are trying to get done, we’re able to develop and deliver winning new products, helping our customers get the job done better.

Most importantly we have fully committed ourselves to developing new products based on our EcoDesign principles in order that  Sustainability is embedded as a  core process with the development of our new products.


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