Ahlstrom VaporCool™ - end-use benefits

Ahlstrom VaporCool™ - end-use benefits

In the high pressure setting of the OR, discomfort is the last distraction that you need. We understand this. That’s why we now offer Ahlstrom VaporCool™, a dynamic cooling fabric for single-use scrubs.

We understand your challenges

Layered in surgical apparel, operating under bright lights, and under intense pressure – the demands of the OR can be physically and mentally exhausting. Distractions caused by discomfort are the last thing you need. We understand this, and that’s what why we now offer Ahlstrom VaporCool™, a dynamic cooling fabric for single-use scrubs.

How Ahlstrom VaporCool™ can help

VaporCool™ complements the functionality of your skin, assisting its natural process for thermal control. When you begin feeling hot and sweating, the fabric boosts evaporation, wicking moisture away to provide you with a cooling effect.  When cool, the fabric holds in moisture acting as an insulating layer.

Importance of temperature management

The body’s normal temperature is 37°C (99°F). Physical activity, heat, and stress can increase your body temperature. As your body’s temperature increases discomfort increases and cognitive performance decreases. In the operating room, where margins of error are razor thin, concentration must be sharp.

Ahlstrom VaporCool™ is the solution. Its dynamic cooling properties keep you 2-3oC cooler than a Standard SMS scrub suit. It offers enhanced comfort, allowing you to focus on the surgery and your patient. 


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