Ahlstrom VaporCool™ - dynamic cooling fabric

Ahlstrom VaporCool™ - dynamic cooling fabric

Our soft SMS fabric just got even better by adding an exclusive dynamic cooling treatment. Introducing Ahlstrom VaporCool™.

What is Ahlstrom VaporCool™?

VaporCool™ is a SMART Soft SMS fabric treated with Adaptive™, a hydrofunctional polymer that captures and distributes moisture.  The fabrics dynamic cooling technology helps to manage the amount of moisture being expelled from the wearers’ skin.

How does it work?

Ahlstrom VaporCool™ works as an extension of the body, complementing the functionality of human skin. The fabric adapts to its environment, offering moisture management and thermal control.

  • When hot, the breathable fabric boosts evaporation allowing moisture to pass through. This process provides the wearer with a cooling effect.
  • When cold, the fabric holds in moisture acting as an insulating layer.

What applications is VaporCool™ used for?

The fabric is designed for conversion into single-use medical applications where enhanced comfort is required. Ahlstrom VaporCool™ must be worn in direct contact with the skin. End-use applications include single-use scrub suits, patient clothing, hygiene, and facemask inner cover stock.

Ahlstrom VaporCool™ requires direct contact with the skin. Due to its hydrophilic properties the fabric is not used as a protective barrier, and therefore it is not suitable for surgical gowns.

Why choose Ahlstrom VaporCool™?

Maintaining a consistent body temperature is essential for people’s wellbeing and comfort. There are a variety of factors that can cause fluctuations in body temperature. Extreme mental concentration is one. High stress situations with minimal physical activity can produce a physical response similar to exercise.

In a surgical setting, lengthy procedures under bright lights, layers of protective apparel, and high stress, a surgeon’s body temperature can quickly rise. Even minor increases in body temperature can influence cognitive performance. In an environment where margins of error are razor thin, discomfort is not an option. Discomfort can lead to complications, Hospital Acquired Infections, and malpractice claims.

Ahlstrom VaporCool™ provides dynamic cooling, keeping the wearer 2-3oC cooler than a Standard SMS scrub suit.

Interested? Learn more.

Discomfort in the operating room is not an option when a patient’s wellbeing is at stake. Fill out the Contact Form in the right column to learn how VaporCool™ can benefit your customers. 

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