Ahlstrom TenderGuard™

Ahlstrom TenderGuard™

Ahlstrom TenderGuard™ for surgical gowns is the perfect combination of safety and comfort. Using Ahlstrom's new Soft SMS these single-use surgical gowns are like none other.

The perfect combination of safety and comfort.

Ahlstrom introduces TenderGuard™, new soft SMS medical fabrics for use as single-use surgical gowns. Ahlstrom TenderGuard™ is the perfect combination of safety and comfort. This high performance fabric protects medical personnel from operating room liquids while keeping them comfortable, allowing them to focus on what’s truly important during an operation. 

Ahlstrom TenderGuard™ provides the same level of protection as regular SMS and is equally as comfortable as Spunlace but with higher protection and at a lower cost.

Ahlstrom TenderGuard™ is drapeable, soft to the touch and lightweight. It’s durable, low linting and offers better protection than traditional Spunlace.  

Key benefits

 State of the art product

  • Optimal balance of safety and comfort
  • Cost effective solution
  • Used with common sterilization methods
  • Helping to leave a smaller environmental footprint

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