Ahlstrom Reliance® Solo

Ahlstrom Reliance® Solo

Introducing Reliance® Solo, single-step sterilization wraps. Ahlstrom is now your one-stop shop for all our sterile barrier solutions from rolls to sheets of sequential or bonded non-sequential wrap. 

Ahlstrom now offers a single-step wrap system - Ahlstrom Reliance® Solo.

Two SMS sterilization wrap sheets are bonded together to offer a non-sequential wrapping system. This single-step wrapping system offers a more simplified and flexible wrapping process. 

Key benefits

  • Simplified wrapping process
  • Single-step aseptic unwrapping
  • Adequate barrier to prevent penetration of microorganisms through the two sheeted layers
  • Durability to avoid rips, tears, or punctures
  • Two colors allow for easy identification of damage from transport/storage
  • Validated for common sterilization processes (Sterrad, steam, ethylene oxide, and gas plasma)

Product offering

Product Name

Inner Layer

Outer Layer

Reliance® Solo 844 43gsm SMS (green) 43gsm SMS (blue)
Reliance® Solo 855 50gsm SMS (green) 50gsm SMS (blue)
Reliance® Solo 866 60gsm SMS (green) 60gsm SMS (blue)


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For more information, e-mail us at medical.experts@ahlstrom.com

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