Ahlstrom Reliance® pouches base paper

Ahlstrom Reliance® pouches base paper

Ahlstrom’s effective bacterial-barrier paper for packaging sterilized medical devices is sealable, peelable and printable.

Clean, easy and prevent contamination

Ahlstrom Reliance® base paper for pouches and reels are a crucial part of an effective medical and healthcare system.  Our papers are designed to allow sterilization and maintain sterility up to the point of use. Our three grades R200, R210, R230 offer easy sealability, pealability and printability.

Key benefits

  • Guaranteed sterile by either steam or ethylene oxide
  • Easy sealability, pealability, printability
  • Cost-effective and reliable


  • Packaging gauze and swabs
  • Packaging surgical instruments
  • Packaging surgical gloves

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For more information, e-mail us at medical.experts@ahlstrom.com

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