Ahlstrom Reliance® for sterilization wraps

Ahlstrom Reliance® for sterilization wraps

Ahlstrom Reliance®, our single-use sterile barrier systems for wrap, overwrap and tray liners.

Your partner in the chain of infection prevention

Ahlstrom Reliance® Sterile Barrier Systems help you stay ahead, meeting your every need. Our single-use sterile barrier solutions are made from nonwovens and papers, and are preferred to conventional linen as they provide a bacterial barrier and are an important link in the chain of preventing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).

Our range of Sterile Barrier Systems is comprised of many types of fabrics, manufactured from cellulose, cellulose/synthetic or synthetic fibers. The wide range enables you to select the most appropriate system for your needs.

Ahlstrom Reliance®

  • Facilitate the wrapping and packaging of medical instruments and devices
  • Allow the contents of packages to be completely sterilized
  • Protect the contents of the package during storage and transport
  • Promote aseptic presentation at the point of use
  • Wrap your medical devices with confidence
  • Compatible with the sterilization methods used throughout the healthcare environment

Key benefits

  • Virtually lint free
  • Widest, yet simplest range
  • Compliant with standards and regulations
  • Compatible with main sterilization processes

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