Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem

Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem

Ahlstrom Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) for sequential wrapping are designed to protect a wide variety of medical devices for optimum patient safety.

Simply better at every level.

Ahlstrom’s sterile barrier systems are a trusted and integral part of hospital CSSD. Focused on helping our customers stay ahead, Ahlstrom now offers a complete interleaved portfolio with the introduction of Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem. 

Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem utilizes our newest technology SMS, in combination with our existing wetlaid and crepe technologies to provide the optimal combination for sequential wrapping.

Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem

Interleaving, the use of two sheets of varying technologies, typically crepe and wetlaid deliver high performance with sequential wrapping where one sheet is used for inner wrap and the other for outer wrap. This concept is very well-known in the market. Ahlstrom now introduces its SMS technology into a new portfolio called Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem, our premium interleaved concept.

Key benefits

  • Critical player in infection prevention
  • Compliant with standard regulations 
  • Durable, Easy, Secure 
  • Sequential wrapping creates a tortuous path, guaranteeing an aseptic opening 
  • Variety of technologies: wetlaid, crepe and or SMS offer a good compromise between costs and performance

Product Offering

Product Name



Reliance® 714 R310S + R440 Crepe + SMS
Reliance® 734 R335 + R440 Wetlaid + SMS
Reliance® 735 R4335 + R450 Wetlaid + SMS
Reliance® 745 R345 + R450 Wetlaid + SMS
Reliance® 765 R360 + R450 Wetlaid + SMS
Reliance® 844 R440 + R440 SMS + SMS
Reliance® 845 R440 + R450 SMS + SMS
Reliance® 846 R440 + R460 SMS + SMS


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