Ahlstrom Robust™

Ahlstrom Robust™

Ahlstrom specialists have developed Robust™ variants for each of its tea offerings. Faster, more reliable, stronger, choose Robust™ to supercharge your conversion process!

What is Robust™ƒ

Robust™ is a dedicated fi ber blend for our products, whether BioWeb®, InFuse heatseal or Classic non-heatseal.

In our Classic and InFuse variants, this special blend makes our webs stronger, more flexible and it allows us to run more reliably and faster on current machines

For InFuse, that also means no more bleed through during heatsealing, you can now run continuously!

For our BioWeb®, the Robust™ version allows for increased mechanical stability and a wider heatseal window, which means no more lost time to adjust your equipment.

That means BioWeb® Robust™ can now be a substitute for traditional heatseal materials!


  • Convert tea bags faster than ever with Robust™
  •  Its increased reliability makes it an ideal partner during production
  •  Its versatility allows for easy web switches


All materials used to manufacture these grades are certified to be in accordance with the US FDS regulation 21 CFR176.170 and/or the EU regulation 1935-2004.

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For more information, please see attached related product documents and links, or e-mail us at tea@ahlstrom.com

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