Classic (Non-heatsealable) teabags

Classic (Non-heatsealable) teabags

Ahlstrom offers the ideal filter web for every infusion application. Designed to suit the changing needs of our customers, our products set the standard for teabags.

Classic (Non-heatsealable) filter webs

For conversion on non-heatseal teabag packing machines, our Classic portfolio of advanced products deliver excellent infusion, outstanding tea blend retention, high yield conversion with a minimal rejection rate, superior crimp strength and head fold stability.

Classic grades are manufactured with Ahlstrom patented “binder technology”.

Optimized for conversion on nonheatseal teabag packing machines, these  technological products guarantee efficiency on your production lines

Key Benefits„

  •  Optimum flavor expression
  •  Offers optimal high yield conversion, low rejects
  •  Excellent crimp strength and head fold stability
  •  Leaker proof “binder technology”


All materials used to manufacture these grades are certified to be in accordance with the US FDS regulation 21 CFR176.170 and/or the EU regulation 1935-2004.


Ahlstrom Classic filter webs are designed for Double chamber teabag packaging machines.

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