Ahlstrom Sulpack® for bakery

Ahlstrom Sulpack® for bakery

Ahlstrom’s genuine vegetable parchment for food packaging papers. Where presentation meets convenience.

Ahlstrom Sulpack®

Ahlstrom Sulpack® is a genuine parchment paper, which is ideal for crimped cups and doilies often used for cakes and pies. 

Key Benefits

  • Natural grease barrier with no chemical additives
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • 100% virgin cellulose
  • Biodegradable*
  • Clean surface with no loose fibers
  • Safe for direct food contact


  • Baking paper for crimped cups
  • Baking paper for doilies

What is GVP (Genuine Vegetable Parchment)

Genuine Vegetable Parchment is a unique, totally natural paper made from 100% virgin cellulose fiber. It does not require the use of chemical additives to form a barrier against grease. The simple process of modifying a relatively normal paper into vegetable parchment creates a material with a number of unique yet natural properties.

GVP has excellent strength and heat resistance up to 428⁰F/220⁰C, with no loose fibers to contaminate the final product. It is pure and safe for direct food contact.

Learn more email us at: food@ahlstrom.com

*96% minimum, up to 99% biodegradable depending on variant, in controlled conditions according to ISO 14855

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