Coffee pouches

Coffee pouches

Coffee pouches are the best way to prepare a hot cup of coffee through infusion. Ahlstrom deeply studied the infusion process in order to develop a compostable filter range capable to deliver the best aroma in the cup.

Our filters range dedicated to coffee pouches application is made from 100% renewable materials and is compliant with the compostability requirements set by the European regulation EN13432. 

Our webs are made from polylactic acid (PLA). Their neutral odor and taste make them ideal to let filter coffee develop its flavor.

  • Fully compostable filter
  • Excellent conversion properties
  • Light basis weight combined with high strength fibers
  • Perfect result in cup


All materials used to manufacture these grades are certified to be in accordance with the US FDS regulation 21 CFR176.170, the EU regulation 1935-2004 and the EN13432.


Single serve coffee pouches used for drip coffee.

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