Ahlstrom Hollytex®

Ahlstrom Hollytex®

Ahlstrom Hollytex® is made by a hot calendering process that improves uniformity of nonwoven web and increases smoothness by laying down loose fibers.

The product is available in over 30 commercial grades with various properties and either as Spunbonded Polyester or Spunbonded Polypropylene.    

Ahlstrom Hollytex® can be delivered in both, single-layer and multilayer composites.

Primary applications include:

– Microporous membrane support
– Ultrafiltration membrane support
– Reverse osmosis membrane support
– Pleat support for membrane cartridge filters

Secondary applications include:
– Pre-filtration and filter media
– Tape or apparel reinforcement
– Drainage web in membrane cartridge
– Medical device components
– Tags and labels
– Variety of other niche uses

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