Wallcover Base Papers

Wallcover Base Papers

Designers and professional decorators are constantly looking for new ways of creating appealing interior through style, colors, patterns and unique materials.  Through its vast range of specialty papers, Ahlstrom offers to wallpaper producers inspiring materials for creative wall decoration.  
Made from cellulose, a renewable resource, our paper substrates can be used in a variety and in combinations of printing, coating and laminating processes. They range from outstanding duplex grades, top sheets and backing sheets, PVC base to crepe backing papers. 
KAEMSOL is an uncoated duplex wallpaper base perfectly adapted for rotary screen.
KAEMPLEX is a single or double coated duplex paper for flexo or gravure printing.

GERMONT is a coated top sheet well suited for gravure flexo printing. TENCREP is recommended to provide a high quality backing for textile lamination.


  • Consistency in shade (batchless) high bulk and stiffness
  • Washability
  • Light stability
  • Peelability for easy removal
  • Heat resistance for blown vinyl
  • Excellent printability in all processes: gravure, flexo and rotary screen or in a combination of these

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