Poster papers

Poster papers

Ahlstrom offers the widest range of high quality coated poster papers for printing of outdoor billboard posters, backlight and indoor posters. Our top-quality CHANTAFFICHETM poster papers have been maintaining the full impact of advertisers's messages, looking good for weeks without curling, fading or distortion.

For premium advertising campaigns that are standing out from the crowd on billboard, we've developed CHANTAFFICHE METALIZED. Ready to print, it enables to create stunning outdoor posters with fantastic metallic effect.

CHANTAFFICHETM poster papers combine excellent printability and outstanding printing results with top performance throughout the whole life of the poster campaign. Ahlstrom offers paper grades specially developed for offset, screen and inkjet printing.

Benefits of our CHANTAFFICHE for outdoor billboard:

  • Suitable for all kind of printing methods whether offset, screen or ink-jet
  • Excellent printing properties and perfect runnability
  • No tearing along the folds
  • Strong resistance to cracking and flaking
  • No lifting risk
  • 100% opacity in all conditions
  • Good adhesion properties on all panels and substrates
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Consistency
  • Exist Metalized fo premium advertising campaigns

for backlight/vitrine poster papers:

  • Excellent printability
  • Good sheet formation from very homogeneous see-though
  • High transparency
  • Humidity variation resistance

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