Whatever the conditions, Ahlstrom’s innovative materials for plasterboard will help you do a better job.


Our fire-resistant materials offer these key benefits:

  • Allow the board manufacturer to comply with fire resistance codes (EN 13 501-2) and access stringent commercial markets
  • Easily processed engineered facer optimizes plant efficiency
  • Available in 100% glass tissue for the most demanding fire applications
  • Also available as a facer with top cellulosic layer which reduces glass itchiness, and facilitates easier handling
  • Light in weight, makes product easy to work with
  • Smooth surface facilitates direct painting

Our materials for wet or humid environments offer these key benefits:

  • Allows manufacturers to access new markets from the same existing asset, improving your profitability
  • Used in wet rooms, material doesn’t require water tight layer prior to glueing ceramic tiles
  • Withstands exterior weather conditions and can be used as a facer for sheathing boards in light frame constructions
  • Unlike traditional cement boards, which are difficult to handle, the products do not require heavy-duty tools for the installation
  • Products comply with EN 520 type H1, are far superior to basic green plasterboards, which deteriorate rapidly in damp conditions
  • Ahlstrom offering provides an easy to use product with high performance in wet environments


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