Ahlstrom MasterTape™ Classic

Ahlstrom MasterTape™ Classic

Our classic range uses our standard creped paper and has customizable parameters while offering good handling and conformability.

Ahlstrom Mastertape™ Classic

Ahlstrom Mastertape™ Classic is made from our standard creped base paper and has customizable parameters for sized/un-sized, calendared/non-calendared and colors. The Classic range offers good handling and conformability. Our fiber composition offers the best tensile strength available in the market and eliminates the risk of any cross directional shrinkage.

Customization allows process optimization for tape manufacturers when changing recipes and latex or adhesive quantity. Ahlstrom Mastertape™ Classic guarantees a perfect saturant pick-up and adhesive anchorage.

Key Benefits

  • Minimizes the need for latex
  • Customizable
  • Good handling and conformability

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