Ahlstrom Pleat2Save™

Ahlstrom Pleat2Save™

Ahlstrom Pleat2Save™ - made stronger to pleat smoother. The durable heart of your filtration system.

Ahlstrom Pleat2Save™ is a new portfolio of products targeted for residential, commercial and healthcare HVAC applications.      Ahlstrom is committed to develop products which offer unique solutions to further improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

The key improvement to other similar products is the superior durability of the product during demanding process and usage conditions.

Ahlstrom Pleat2Save™ is available in the efficiency range from M5 to F9 according to EN779-2012 and MERV 9-16, according to ASHRAE 52.2.

The product is strong and robust, thanks to its predominantly synthetic construction.  These characteristics result in superior processing performance during pleating. Improved pleating performance and speed, together with a superior media stability will allow important cost savings.

Key Value Propositions:

  • Excellent processing performance
  • Superior durability during handling, installation and usage
  • Cost savings


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