Ahlstrom High Efficiency Air Filtration

Ahlstrom High Efficiency Air Filtration

Ahlstrom’s Microglass Technology offers single- or dual-layer mechanical filtration media with very high efficiency for maximum filtration performance. Ahlstrom Trinitex® is a proprietary three-layer filter media that provides superior uniformity, controlled porosity, high wet strength and dimensional stability, thanks to an advanced engineered synthetic Wetlaid platform.

Microglass Media

  • High efficiency at small particles sizes with optimal ratio between efficiency and pressure drop
  • Efficiency levels up to ULPA 16 according to EN1822
  • Optional dual-layer structure including pre-fi lter and fine-fi lter to maximize service life
  • Flexible design to provide customized media for specifi c design requirements
  • Extensive capability to laminate protective scrim to improve mechanical and processing performance without compromising filtration properties

Ahlstrom Trinitex®

  • Superior mechanical strength thanks to high synthetic fiber content and integral three-layer structure
  • Minimal glass shedding thanks to glass fibers securely imbedded in the synthetic media structure
  • Excellent media processing performance (high speed pleating) thanks to the single integral structure

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