Decorative Surfaces

Decorative Surfaces

In homes, offices and retail outlets our nonwoven materials are setting the benchmark in quality, consistency and reliability. We are constantly engaging with producers, marketers and designers,to better understand market needs.

Our range embraces backing materials for:

  • Wood veneer for large surfaces and edge bands
  • Continuous pressure laminate applications foredge bands, furniture, flooring and molding
  • High-pressure laminate (ink jet printable) applications for digital décor, e.g. customized panels and short-run advertisements

Key benefits of our nonwovens for wood veneer backings:

  • Reinforces the veneer, creating flexibility and eliminating cracking
  • Creates good internal bonding, eliminating delamination and enhancing end user satisfaction

Key benefits of our nonwovens for continuous pressure laminates:

  • Range of thicknesses provides opportunities for variations in edge band/wrapping
  • No cracking when wrapping tightly creating new opportunities in edge band or molding
  • Good internal bond, reducing defects and claims
  • Opportunity to reduce environmental impact by replacing saturated kraft paper with a low formaldehyde option

Key benefits of our materials for HPL digital décor:

  • Ideal for high-resolution prints
  • Compatible with thermo-set resins
  • Perfect for small print runs, helping you access high-value niche markets

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