IR services

IR services

The main goal of Ahlstrom’s investor relations (IR) is to support a true and fair valuation of the Ahlstrom share at all times by providing correct, adequate and consistent information to the market in a timely manner. Ahlstrom follows the principle of transparency and impartiality and aims to provide good service to its stakeholders. All investor enquiries are processed through the IR function.

Investor communications include annual and interim reports, stock exchange and press releases, investor web pages and a regular dialogue with analysts and investors. Ahlstrom organizes press and analyst conferences, conference calls and audio webcasts for its stakeholders in conjunction with the publication of its financial reports.

Silent period

Ahlstrom’s silent period starts after the end of each fiscal quarter and lasts until the publication of the interim report or financial statements bulletin. During this period Ahlstrom is not communicating with capital market representatives.

Disclosure Policy

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