Executive Management Team

Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team (EMT) consists of the CEO as well as business area and functional leaders. The members of the EMT are proposed by the CEO and appointed by the Board. The members of the EMT report to the CEO.

The role of the EMT is to support the CEO in performing his duties and to align the business organization and functions. Within the framework given by the Board, the EMT monitors business performance and risk management, reviews investment proposals, business and annual plans as well as incentive plans before their presentation to the Board, implements strategy and direction, initiates actions and establishes policies and procedures. The EMT members receive monthly reports on the performance of the Company’s businesses.

The composition of the EMT, biographical details, the areas of responsibility of its members and the members’ shareholdings in the Company are described on the website www.ahlstrom.com/fi.

 As of January 1, 2016, there are 7 members of the EMT.

The Executive Management Team of Ahlstrom Corporation consists of the President & CEO,  business area leaders and functional leaders.

For more information about a member of the Executive Management Team, click on the name or the picture.


Marco Levi
President and CEO
Sakari Ahdekivi
Ulla Bono
EVP, Legal and General Counsel
Fulvio Capussotti
EVP, Filtration & Performance
Omar Hoek
EVP, Specialties

Jari Koikkalainen
EVP, Procurement &
Group Technology
Päivi Leskinen
EVP, Human Resources
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