Ahlstrom as an employer

One of the key elements of our company vision is “inspiring people”. This ambition extends from our own employees to our customers and business partners, and all our other stakeholders. We strive to inspire our own people – empower them to fulfill their potential and encourage professional and personal growth. We want to be an employer of choice and organization that never stops learning.

We offer a variety of learning methods, from self-study materials and webinars to one-year training programs, which aim to help our employees develop the competencies they need to succeed in their roles and in delivering our strategy. Learning together and sharing ideas, knowledge and best practices are highly important and encouraged.

We believe that a more diverse business is a more innovative and profitable business. Over 160 years ago Antti Ahlström, a Finnish entrepreneur started his business by grasping a business opportunity at hands. Today, we are proud to be a truly global company having around 3,300 employees working in plants, offices and sales offices in 22 countries on four continents.

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